Elden Ring: How to Defeat Starscourge Radahn
April 7, 2022

Elden Ring: How to Defeat Starscourge Radahn



Basic Radahn is well one in all Elden Ring’s most aggressive bosses, and it will take some cautious planning to take him down.

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Elden Ring is understood for its tough boss fights, however none are fairly just like the struggle with Starscourge Radahn. It isn’t solely set in an enormous area with numerous floor to cowl, however he is additionally bought the abilities to take you out inside seconds.

On this information, we will break down Radahn’s abilities, how to depend on the belongings you could have and one of the best methods are to beat him. This struggle takes place on the mid-point of Elden Ring, following the completion of the Stormveil Fortress and Academy of Raya Lucaria dungeons. So be warned, slight spoilers are incoming.

Pre-Battle data

This battle takes place within the desert north of Redmane Fortress within the Caelid area. Whereas defeating Radahn is not completely obligatory, usually most gamers will encounter him following their exploration of Caelid. For those who resolve to skip this and proceed with the sport, then you definitely’ll shut out entry to a few of the late sport occasions. To have interaction on this struggle, you may want to satisfy a number of NPCs all through your journey by way of Limgrave and Liurnia. Contained in the citadel, you may encounter a number of characters that you have met in your journey. These characters will provide suggestions and put together you for the Pageant, which is the place you may encounter Radahn.

Boss struggle breakdown


You will want all the assistance you will get to beat this lethal boss.

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Basic Radahn, in any other case often called Starscourge Radahn, is such a menace as a result of he excels at almost each facet of fight. At a distance, he can choose you off together with his giant arrows — that is the primary clue that you just’re in for a troublesome struggle. When at shut vary, he has large twin swords with severe vary. One combo assault from him can simply deplete your entire well being. Furthermore, he is extremely cell due to his trusty steed (named Leonard) and he can shut the gap on you pretty simply. Lastly, he is additionally bought lethal magic spells that he pulls out within the later phases of the struggle.

Merely put, this can be a struggle that may result in fast and brutal deaths to your character and depart you, the participant, pissed off at what it’s important to do to make progress. On this struggle, one factor to bear in mind is that, fortunately, you are not alone on this battle. The numerous characters you noticed beforehand may be referred to as upon to assist out. In the world, you may see numerous summon indicators so that you can work together with. You have to to rapidly activate these indicators to herald your small military of NPC fighters, all of whom have their very own set of abilities they will use towards Radahn within the battle. Nevertheless, do not depend on them an excessive amount of as they do minor harm and serve largely as distractions to the boss.

In reality, one NPC you possibly can summon is Patches. For those who saved him alive within the Murkwater Depths dungeon in Limgrave, he’ll be out there to name into battle. Nevertheless, he’ll instantly minimize and run as quickly as he sees Radahn on his horse. By no means belief Patches.

First section technique

Firstly, you are higher off not summoning one other human participant to assist. When you’re good to summon the assorted AI characters, the draw back of calling in one other participant is you could’t summon your horse Torrent with an extra participant current. It is a battle the place you have to to cowl floor quick, and whereas the added backup may also help in some regard, you have to to remain forward of Radahn and shut within the distance rapidly when you have to. Using Torrent is a big assist with that.

When the battle begins, ensure you’re locked onto Radahn within the distance and regulate what he does subsequent. He’ll all the time begin the struggle by firing off three to 4 purple, gravity magic-infused arrows. This half is vital because the struggle can rapidly finish right here; you have to to dodge roll by way of the arrows or use the bundles of weapons scattered across the area as cowl. For those who get hit as soon as with an arrow, it should doubtless kill your character immediately. On this a part of the struggle, the important thing factor to do is to summon your allies whereas evading his assaults. Finally, Radahn will fireplace a rain of arrows that slowly make their approach towards you. When you’ve got a heavy protect and excessive stamina, you possibly can block by way of most of it, however it’s really helpful you experience on Torrent and evade the arrows by shifting rapidly away.

Finally, your allies will interact with Radahn, forcing him into shut fight. From right here, you have to to select your moments and begin attacking the boss when he is distracted by the opposite fighters. Stick and transfer is the secret right here. For those who’re a magic person, you possibly can forged spells towards him however rapidly experience away as soon as his consideration will get to you. For those who’re a close-range fighter, you are in for a riskier struggle as you have to to get near him usually. Hold hitting him together with your assaults and revive your allies at new summoning spots and finally he’ll enter the following section of the struggle… in explosive style.

Second Part Technique


Do not underestimate Radahn’s velocity and energy. He can rapidly tear by way of your defenses together with his assaults.

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After half of his well being has been depleted, Radahn will leap into the air and out of view. Hold your eyes up towards the sky and search for the brilliant mild, as Radahn will come barrelling right down to the Earth like a comet. For those who do not hold your distance, his dramatic return to the planet will kill you immediately, forcing you to begin the struggle yet again. Radahn is extra highly effective as he now makes use of gravity magic.

Together with sending out waves of vitality with swings from his sword — which may be jumped over to keep away from — he can even use his magic to conjure up large rocks that act as homing missiles. When he summons these, they may hover over his shoulder for a while. Nevertheless, when a vivid flash happens across the rocks, it is time to discover cowl. As you may doubtless be preventing towards the middle of the world, there are a number of mounds of sand scattered throughout the hill. These mounds are nice for canopy, so if you have to make a fast run for escape, experience on Torrent quick down the hill and away from Radahn’s line of sight to keep away from the large rocks.

The important thing to beating Radahn is to stay and transfer together with your assaults and hold your allies within the sport. Regardless of how powerful he hits, Radhan can nonetheless take a beating as soon as everybody assaults in unison. You may get stagger him should you handle to land some heavy blows on him rapidly sufficient. So long as you do not lose your persistence and focus and hold choosing the right moments to assault, you’ll finally have the ability to overcome one in all Elden Ring’s most over-the-top battles.

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