Advertisement on Youtub Downloader

Advertisement on Youtub Downloader


Advertisement on Youtub Downloader

Place of Ads:

Do you want to deliver your ads to millions of visitors at a cheap rate? then Youtub Downloader is the best option for your Advertisement. Your banner will show on every page. In your banner picture, we will embed your provided link, on a click of banner a user will redirect to your targeted place

 Terms & Conditions:

Before publishing your banner and link we will check it manual because we do not want to show spammy or matured content to our visitors. it is your responsibility to design your banner and track the clicks on a link that you provided to us Keep it in mind that we do not accept those advertisements which contains; ALCOHOL, ADULT TOYS, ADULT SERVICES or FORK MEAT etc

 Banner Size:

Your banner size is recommended at 200×200 or 250×250 or 300×250 or 300×300.

 Ads Requirement:

For advertisement, we will need only your banner url and a link that you want to put in the banner


We accept the payment in advance for advertisement and it is non-refundable.

 Mode of Payments:

we will receive and confirm your payments manually. Currently, we accept the payments through bank wire transfer, Payoneer, Jazz Cash, and EasyPaisa


if you are interested in advertisement with us you can contact us by clicking the chat icon at the corner and we will respond to you ASAP. Please note that before emailing us mention the package in

which you are interested


Price Table:

1 month3 months6 months
1 Banner1 Banner2 Banners